Recommended equipment for rafting – Rafting is a sport of rough waters that is practiced in many different environments. If we look at the global level, the differences that these environments can present are enormous. From cold areas with icy waters such as Canada or southern areas, to tropical rivers such as Ecuador or Costa Rica, to areas where we have four well-marked seasons, as is the case in Europe and of course in Spain.

In this way, to answer the question, which is the necessary equipment for rafting, we can establish the following classification:

Essential gear for rafting: the first element required for rafting is the boat, rafting boats are pneumatic and are made in various materials. The important thing is to have a professional rafting boat.

Once we have the boat, we’ll have to equip ourselves. What is essential for rafting, whatever the location, location, and circumstances, is to have the following approved material: helmet, life jackets, suitable footwear (can be skirts or sports shoes) and wetsuit.

The wetsuit for rafting is different from that of other sports; it consists of two pieces, a strap-on, and a jacket. When the weather is cold, we will use the coat as a complement and thus we have the body lined with neoprene.

It is also better to use neoprene with zippers on the ankles to make it more comfortable to wear and remove the suit (it should be very tight to the body)

Depending on the geographical areas, Times and Seasons, the rafting equipment should be more or less complete. The main difference in rafting equipment according to the zones lies in the wetsuit, as the rest of the safety elements are always non-negotiable and essential (helmet and life jacket). For example, in rivers or very cold areas, the wetsuit should be complete and 5 mm addition, it is advisable to use scariness (neoprene sock).

When the weather conditions are very favorable, we can dispense with the mountains and the neoprene jacket. In any case, it is advisable to keep the wetsuit, as the functions of this one go beyond protecting us from the cold. Also, the thickness of the neoprene is usually 3 mm even 2 mm for hot climate zones with temperate water rivers.

Neoprene provides an essential buoyancy function in the rivers of rough waters, thus complementing the role of the life vest. This is important because fast-water currents tend to exert a force towards the bottom that tries to sink us. Neoprene also protects us from possible blows against rocks or branches.

For this reason, when rafting, makes sure you have all the necessary safety elements. In this way, you will not only safely perform the activity, but you will play it more comfortably and enjoy it more.

In the activities of agues Brava, it is very important to go well equipped to enjoy the activity. To carry out rafting well equipped with approved professional material (given how expensive this material is usually) the ideal is to hire the service with a professional company, you can consult all the companies providing the rafting service and rafting in the best conditions.