Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Rapid River Rafters Web site. The following discloses our information gathering, storage, and  use practices for all our  URL’s. Your privacy is very importance to us.

Customer or web site visitor information will not sold or redistributed to any other companies or outside parties.

Customer information is gathered via bookings, and from pre-trip release forms which must be signed by all participants (or their parents or legal guardians in the case of minors) on our trips and activities. This information is used to prepare anonymous statistical information we are required to keep for various permitting agencies (U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, etc.). No personal information is included in such reports. No booking information is sold or redistributed to any other companies or outside parties.

By submitting your e-mail address to Rapid River Rafters, either through a contest, promotion, free promotional product from our site, or reservation, your e-mail address may be added to one of our E-mail List. Your e-mail address and other information is protected by us and will not be sold or redistributed to other companies. You may opt-out of receiving e-mail newsletters or e-mail promotions by sending an e-mail to Place “remove” in the subject line, followed by the exact e-mail address you wish to be removed. We will remove this address from our list.

E-mail Newsletter Usage: We periodically (usually quarterly) send E-mail Newsletters to our customers and site visitors with special offers and exciting news about our trips and services. Each mailing includes instructions for removing your e-mail from the recipient list.

Thank you again for visiting Rapid River Rafters site. Your privacy is our top  priority . Should you have any questions or want to be removed from future mailings, please feel free to call or send an email to:

Email Lists

We keep a couple of very important email lists here atRapid River Rafters, and we invite you to join.  We are developing a great group of loyal & returning clientele. We areworking to enhance our service to you by using email to announce special events, trip specials or certain conditions that warrant the need to pass on info. We only send a couple a year and we won’t clog your email.

You can automatically add or remove yourself from each of the lists by sending an email to In the subject box just type Add or Remove.  If you give us your email address we  may use it as a method to contact you.  In no way, shape or form, will we sell or distribute your email address to any other company or organization!  We all dislike spam and you can rest assured that you won’t have any from Rapid River Rafters!