Simple Guide

Rafting is one of the sports that arouses the highest sense of freedom. For several reasons, this modality has become an ideal sports practice to enjoy 100% of nature. Along with the Barranquilla, walking along the riverbed is an adventure in which adrenaline is more than guaranteed.

On the other hand, a water sport such as rafting is suitable for most audiences. However, one of the tips for rafting is to have the equipment and trained personnel to guide the whole course of the activity.

  1. Rafting levels

If you decided to go Rafting, you have to take into account the rivers that are according to your physical and technical conditions. Currently, rivers are rated according to the degree of difficulty; therefore, if you are about to enter the world of Rafting, you have to foresee that. While we will show you the levels of Rafting when practiced in different Waters whose characteristics are the following:

  • They are those rivers that have a rapid stream of small undulations. There are no risks.
  • Fast rivers with comprehensive and clear channels that do not require prior exploration. They do not present great dangers for swimmers.
  • They have fast waters with obstructions, moderate waves, turbulence, swirls, holes, and holes that are easily evasive.
  • They have fast waters with little visibility, which requires prior knowledge. Possess much power in its turbulence and eddies. Are rivers navigability difficult?
  • They are the most complex, navigable, extremely long, violent and unpredictable Rapids. They have high turbulence, swirls, waterfalls, gaps, and waves that reach and exceed 2 meters.

Don’t forget to consult with a guide experimenting if you want to practice this water sport on fast waters.

  1. Basic Rafting equipment

You are ready for the Rafting, so now you must take into account the necessary equipment to go out and experience this exciting water sport. Rafting is considered the game that gives you the feeling of freedom and adrenaline when sailing the Rapids.

Therefore, if you are an adventurer, you cannot miss having the right equipment, as it will be of real importance when you go sailing downriver, as it is to have:

  • The air raft or raft.
  • They are used by the crew to propel the raft, and the central oars will be used by expert guides.
  • The life vest. Mandatory for any athlete who wants to go Rafting.
  • It will be fundamental because it will protect the head.
  • These are the neoprene suits that provide comfort.
  • They can count on spare oars, rescue rope, repair tools, inflator, among others.

It is also necessary to know how to swim and above all; to be concentrated when rowing to avoid rocks and not fall into the water.

  1. Experience Rafting

If you want to practice extreme sports in groups, then Rafting is ideal, as you can experience new sensations, because it is a sport that combines the physical and the mental. Nowadays, Rafting is a sport and recreational activity that consists of touring the riverbed that has some degree of turbulence called the Rapids.

This type of sport is directed by a guide that is located in the back, and the other members of the team are located on the sides, and then when you are in the waters, you will start rowing. Also, the number of people who climb each raft varies from six to eight crew members, being in charge of the experienced guide who knows every part of the river in detail, and it is a sport that helps to improve physical endurance and eliminate stress. It should be noted that for this exciting sport it is necessary to have the essential equipment and know-how to swim.

  1. Rafting rafts

They are explicitly designed to navigate in high and fast rivers, with reliable and high-quality materials. Rafting rafts are essential when sailing.

Getting a good raft will be preponderant when rafting, whose main characteristic is that they are inflatable.

They are also designed with sturdy materials, as they will provide due safety when navigating, it also consists of a self-evacuating floor that performs the function of removing the water and relieving the weight of the raft. Nowadays, many brands of rafts exist around the world. However, it is always good to consult when purchasing one with an experienced guide of Rafting. It should be noted that the measurements of the rafts range from 3.5 mt to 5.5 mt.