The Deschutes River provides outdoor adventure with a natural paradise for splashing, sunning, fishing and just plain relaxing. With over 43 miles in front of us, we will conquer many exciting rapids and enjoy the quiet moments of calm water.

We transport you to the boat launch at Trout Creek. After a thorough training session with one of our company certified guides, your adventure is underway with our first major rapid, Trout Creek (Class III), which is followed by seven minor rapids. Next is Whitehorse Rapids (Class III), best known for its length and immediate excitement as we plunge 25 feet within the first 300 yards and drop over 75 feet of vertical through the entire two miles of continuous rapids. We break for our BBQ lunch just a few miles below these breathtaking rapids.

The remainder of the afternoon is filled with continuous Class II rapids, allowing time to enhance your crew’s proficiency and have fun while synchronizing paddle strokes to your guide’s maneuvering commands. Camp is established just a few miles above Buckskin Mary Rapids, where you might choose to catch a quick snooze (sun style) or try your luck at the many 2-4 pound trout located just beyond arm’s reach. You may enjoy some camp games or catch up on some reading. Dinner is a gourmet’s delight, skillfully prepared by your guide, complete with chilled wine and luscious dessert.

Morning arrives to the tantalizing aroma of fresh perked coffee and sizzling bacon. We begin our second day with a few Class II rapids followed by Buckskin Mary rapids (Class III, known for its large standing waves and big drops. With a few miles of placed water ahead of us, sunbathing in the morning rays is always a relaxing pleasure to experience.

Wapinitia and Box Car rapids (Class III) are next on our agenda. As we come in to the town of Maupin (population 500), we break for lunch at the City Park, located on the river’s bank. About a mile from our lunch stop we may make a pit-stop at Blue Hole, a BLM-maintained, wheelchair accessible fishing area. Next is Oak Springs (Class III) with its numerous rock shelves and turbulent hydraulics. And if you get a thrill riding the standing waves of upper Elevator (Class III) in the raft, we’ll stop and float them again in our life jackets for an awesome ride!!!

We continue through Lower Elevator for a thrilling run on then big rollers, then wind our way through the turbulent water to Sandy Beach takeout where our vehicle and driver will be awaiting our arrival. After a quick look at the power of Sherars Falls with the possible sight of steelhead running the fish ladder, you again board the van with newfound friends to relive your adventure once more as the shuttle returns back to your cars by 4:00-4:30pm.

This is an experience you won’t want to miss. If you have any questions, please give us a call . We hope to see you on the river soon.