What is rafting?

Rafting is a task of experience tourism, including the descent of rivers of harsh waters in a pneumatic watercraft with extreme resistance to impacts. Typically, the boats have an ability of in between 6 or 8 individuals, plus a coming with the guide that serves as helmsman.

The team of the vessel is set up symmetrically on both sides of the watercraft (3 or 4 people to each one of the hands of the boat) the helmsman is located on the back for being able to manage the rest of the occupants as well as do the navigating direction of the watercraft. To paddle, we make use of a simple shovel (one blade).

It is the star task of active tourism as well as has had a spectacular boom in recent years becoming the referral of journey tourism. Rafting is currently one of the activities most demanded by the lovers of journey sports in Spain and the rest of the globe, and also by the public.

The appeal achieved by this activity is well entitled to for numerous factors that we will examine:

  • It is handled by a specialized guide, hence offering a better assurance of safety and security.
  • It popularizes the descent right into rivers of rough waters since it permits streams to come down which would otherwise be unthinkable without a first previous certification. This makes it feasible to travel all-natural areas and also descend remarkable Rapids.
  • No anticipation or unique physical kind is needed, that makes it appropriate for all target markets, although it is essential to select the river level well –
  • The dynamics of boat monitoring and also administration make it a fantastic group dynamic for Outside training programs and also synergy.
  • It is a sporting activity that allows you to enjoy the all-natural rooms and also contact with the water in a straightforward and enjoyable means. It will be the closest thing to feeling like genuine travelers without ever remaining in a river before.
  • Rafting is an ideal task for groups of buddies, farewell programs that want to do something different, household trips, business programs, etc.

The unfortunate thing about rafting is that it requires exceptional conditions of the atmosphere to be able to be executed, it cannot be performed in practically any kind of location, as occurs with several various other adventure tourism tasks. The demands of the environment are:

  • The river should have an appropriate hydro topography, which indicates that it has an ideal incline as well as adequate challenges (rocks as well as reliefs on the river bed) that favor the formation of rapids. Additionally, the flow rate must be ideal, because if it is excessive, it can be hazardous and also if it is inadequate, it can be little enjoyable as well as doing not have in emotion.
  • The river has to enable good access to the embarkation and also disembarkation area.
  • The circulation should be constant, or at the very least ideal for ranking for several months of the year or at the very least foreseeable. Rivers that reveal ideal problems for occasional rafting cannot be manipulated readily, as firms, as well as clients, would certainly never know when the activity can be performed or not, that makes it entirely unviable at the logistical level.